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There are many different ways that tutoring can help you with computing:

For example:   KS2 pupils who are not being stretched enough in their school

- Their is a wide variation in the standard of Computing teaching in schools today, yet it has never been as important as it is now for children to leave Primary School with a strong foundation in all aspects of Computing - especially in the sometimes overlooked areas of coding, data-handling, website building and applied computational thinking

Adults who missed out on any substantive teaching on the subject of Computing / ICT  and who are now expected to be confident users of technology in their professional lives

- In the space of one generation it has become an essential requirement across a broad swathe of professions to achieve a confident grasp of computers and the Internet.

Teachers who are not yet confident in the new Computing curriculum to feel able to teach it to a sufficiently high standard

           - The expectations on teachers to deliver all-encompassing Computing lessons are immense and have recently become more challenging


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